Saturday, November 26, 2011


(Before the wedding..)

Hello Veejay,

The dress arrived today and it fits perfectly I can't believe it!!!! The bodice as well as the lace fits like a glove. So very beautiful and I think you have captured the romantic feeling of northern Italy so well. We will be thinking of you on that day. Without having met me in person you have also been able to make me a dress that I think suits my personality and shape very well. Thank you for making me such a special dress. It is nearly too sad that I will only wear it once :) I will send you lots photos :)
Hope that things in London are going well and that you are enjoying your course.



(After the wedding..)

Hello Veejay,

I just saw your Skype message - the wedding was so wonderful and everyone LOVED the dress! The Europeans were very impressed with the beadwork and there were many comments on the individual style :) Thank you for making me feel very special that day :) I will send you pictures as soon as I get them from the photographer. I hope you are enjoying your time in London and are getting lots of inspiration- it is that kind of place isn't it, despite the riots. Please stay safe! I'm really going to miss mailing with you. I know you are going to be really busy when you get back but if possible I would love to have an evening gown of yours- something that I can wear again and again :)



I was sad because there was no time to meet Rebecca personally. We did everything through Skype: fittings and meetings.. everything was done online. I was in London taking up my short course in Bridalwear when they had their wedding in Italy. She is a very sweet lady. She even gave me advice about my future plans. I will never forget her. She made me believe that if you really want to achieve something, you just need to focus and you can achieve it.

Thank you, Rebecca! I really hope to meet you someday! God bless! :-) Mwah!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wedding Dress 2011

The day for which you wish to be the unique is your wedding day. So it is important to choose the best dress for your wedding. the evergreen color for this dress is white, a bride look like an angel in white dress. Along with the wedding day dress it very necessary to choose a perfect jewelry, as your jewelry enhances the look of you and your dress. If we talk about the make up of the bride it should be special for this there is a various range of make-up kit available in the market.

Different fabric used in the wedding dress is Satin, velvet, Georgette, Cotton etc. Your bodice play a vital role in selecting the dress, if you a slim then you can select any dress but if you have heavy body then you should choose full size designer dress.A bride with sweet bouquet look very beautiful. Your bouquet should match with your dress otherwise it will change your look and style.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Tora revised"
19" x 7" x 4"
 "Tora revised"
 Cognac and Crestwood Tobacco browns

"Tora revised"
Opal umber

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pregnancy dressess

Pregnancy is like a special occasion for a woman, you are some where the motivator to the world. We can see various range of dress for the pregnant lady in the market but the selection of dress depends on the comfort level as well as the style. You can see news related to different celebrities as they are pregnant. You can see here three celebrities in different outfit, and this outfit is stylish and comfortable.You can see Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Aishwariya rai. Beyonce is in red gown which is looking really beautiful, if we talk about Alba her outfit is cool and this is very comfortable for a pregnant woman about Aishwariya rai her dress is cool and bubbly and you will feel relax in this kind of dresses.

beyonce pregnant

pregnancy dress

aishwariya pregnancy dress

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Suits for Women

21st century is the most competitive one in this corporate world, people know about the first impression when they are meeting for the Interview, Business deal or other purpose. You will find that your clothes speaks before you talk to anybody and this creates your first impression. Women in this race have reached a pinnacle and to prove herself perfect, it becomes necessary to be well dressed.

You can find various kinds of suits for interviews, business or other purpose which are perfect for the corporate environment. some of the suits are Women business suits, young business suits, straight cut suits, formal suits , jump suits, and meeting suits etc.

formal paint suit
one shoulder jumpsuit
Skirt Suit