Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Types of Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anniversary Rings are generally given between wedded couples on their wedding date mostly after 1 year of successful marriage or a few years after the event. By exchanging these Anniversary rings couples endorse their loyalty and warmth for one another and their fortitude to make the marriage a real success.

 1. Anniversary band – Yellow gold - prong setting

 2. Eternity Band – round diamonds – channel setting

3. Anniversary Band – round diamonds – pave setting

4. Anniversary band – round diamonds – prong setting

5. Anniversary band – white gold – bezel setting

Friday, February 24, 2012

Velvet Fashion Trend

Dresses made from the velvet fabric are a simple yet effect way to get the look, just pair it with some patent heels for a night out. The velvet fashion trend is increasing rapidly as we see more and more pieces begin to be created using the luxurious material. The Fall 2012 runways proved the fabric is no longer reserved for regal costumes and '80s theme parties. Velvet dresses, tops, scarves, bags and blazers are sophistication and aristocracy clothing fabric. As always, Celebrity is on top of the trend (Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie has been hitting up velvet for days! Remember this perplexing glove dress?).

Kate Middleton Strapless Gown
Kim Kardashian Gown
Languid Gowns

Velvet Clad Dress

Monday, February 20, 2012

Veejay Floresca A/W 2012

I'm here in the business for 5 years and I still love what I'm doing.
Designing is my passion. It is exciting and very fulfilling especially when people appreciate what you've done.

Last week, I was honored to be chosen as the guest designer for Mega Young Designers Competition (YDC) Grand Finale at NBC Tent. This is considered to be one of the most awaited shows in Philippine Fashion. Many successful designers started their career when they joined this competition. Some noted designers are Rajo Laurel, Mich Dulce, Ivarluski Aseron, Aries Lagat and Furne One. I was a former finalist (Batch 2006) and to show again, as an alumnus, was another milestone for me. Thank you Mega for this opportunity, it's very special because it was also their 20th Anniversary celebration!

This was my collection last 2006 entitled "In Her Womb" inspired by the beautiful shape of motherhood. The theme for that year was "Shape of the New Future."

When I was asked to create a 10-pc capsule collection, I was very excited, but I didn't know which idea to present. I've done several collections ago, and this time, I wanted to create something different.

I took inspiration from the Circulatory System. I got inspired with veins, arteries, blood vessels, and capillaries. I wanted to achieve a look that's very sensual, strong, contemporary, and powerful.

I wish there will be future VJF brides who would ask me to do wedding gowns inspired by this collection. This idea can be translated to a beautiful wedding gown ;-) don't you agree? I remember one client told me the reason why she booked me. She loved my ideas and how I think. She said that in every collection I make, there's always a concept behind it, a story to tell.

Fashion is freedom. Everything is possible. ;-)

Suki Salvador, MEGA Publishing Group, Executive Creative Director in VJF Man

Beautiful host of the night, Supermodel and MTV VJ, Sarah Meier in Veejay Floresca.

This collection is available ;-) To order, please message me at veejayfloresca@gmail.com or call my secretary, Miss Annie at +632-9194086.

Photos by Mark T. Dizon

Check out the complete photos on my Facebook.
Add me veejayfloresca@gmail.com

Fashion with love,

Veejay F. ;-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Who would have thought that "red" can be a unique accent in a wedding gown. A special request from the bride ;-) Since it's a LOVE month, I would like to share this beautiful wedding of my clients from Singapore, Emon and Mhaye. ;-)

Emon&Mhaye_12Feb2012_SDE by J Lucas Reyes from darlyn may barzaga on Vimeo.

Photos by J Lucas Reyes

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Second Time in Sydney ;-)

Being a Fashion Designer is 90% hardwork, 10% glamour, and 100% FUN!!!!! ;-)

Few weeks ago, I got another chance to fly to Sydney, all-expense paid by super generous clients ;-) They paid my air fare tickets and hotel accommodation for 7 days!!!!! ;-) Since all of them are based there, the bride asked me to just go there instead. What a great idea! ;-) *wink* THANK YOU!

I had so much fun! SUPER!!!! It's kinda sad because I really liked to extend hahaha, but I had plenty of works to do in Manila. However, it was a very productive trip. I met my lovely clients, attended a beautiful wedding, partied with friends, and simply enjoyed the beautiful city. I went to Bondi beach, saw the famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, super party in Oxford street till 9am, and lots of eating, eating, and eating!!!!! hahaha.. I loveeeeeee my job! ;-)

Thank you to Audey and Ryan for sponsoring this amazing trip ;-) I couldn't thank you more!

Here are some of the photos! You may add me on Facebook (veejayfloresca@gmail.com) if you like to see the rest of them! hahaha..

meet my couple, Audey and Ryan ;-)
Miss Universe pose! haha
Their wedding is next month in Sydney too! ;-)

Beautiful Ines and her girls in VJF
What a beautiful wedding!!
No chance of meeting the girls prior the wedding!
Good thing Ines got their measurements right! haha

Thai food with Generose and Joel!
Their wedding is scheduled this year!

Lindt treat by Cindy and Dennis!
My lovely couple who got married last year ;-)

wearing Bench! ;-) proudly Pinoy!

dinner at Darling Harbour with Lizeth and Eduard.
Their wedding is also this year!
(the view is very Singapore..)

coffee with my bride Audey, sharing some love stories! ;-)

photo op with my favorite Sydney Opera House ;-)
Nice shirt from Tyler. Another Pinoy brand!

train going to Town Hall ;-)

Bondi beach, are you ready??!!
Miss Universe pose again! lol

feeling Baywatch!!! hahaha ;-)
Miss Universe pose, again!!! haha..

met new friends, Amon and his cousin Elaine (she's also from CSB!)
sh*t ang laki ng "puson" ko.. hahaha.. puson tlga!
diet na ito!!!

with Appie and JC, their wedding is next year ;-)

a sneak peek of Audey's wedding gown. We did her "base fitting"

secondary sponsor.. making sure the length of the gown is perfect!
It has an off-shoulder straps that I removed!
A simple halter neckline is perfect for her body frame.

Peter Sereno works as a PR in Sydney.. I love his wrapped top! ;-)
He introduced me to this pretty young designer with a hot boyfriend. haha..
I saw some of her works too! Amazing!!

***missing photos!!!***
Dinner with Amie and Manny in a very posh Mexican restaurant!
I forgot the name! Tsk.
Shopping with my bride, Neri! ;-)

...TILL MY NEXT TRIP!!!! :-)

Valentine Dresses

A girl always want to the most beautifully dressed, it may in Formal party, in Office,Ceremonies, in Clubs.Valentine day is very special day and a girl wishes to be the most beautiful and sexy. We can see various dresses such as Valentine dress, Valentine Party dress, Romantic dress, Red dress, valentine evening dress.

To make your day special it is very necessary to select best dress and other supportive accessory. Valentine day dress includes romantic colors like Red, Pink, Maroon, White and Black, Violet etc.You may select Half-Sleeves, with Strap Dress, Strapless, Deep neck-line, V-neckline and other dresses. Your dress may have heavy- work, simple design, specially ordered design.Along with the dress your make-up and hair style do play a vital role to make you look different from others on this special day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nail Polish Trends 2012

Show your eagerness and excitement over the wedding season 2012 be through the colors that you paint on your nails. Nail polish trends of 2012 will surely bring in everything that you love about this occasion. Wedding is the perfect time to wear something bold,  bright colors and grab your yellows, oranges, cobalt blues and aqua greens. Having these colors on your nails can definitely accentuate your outfits. Try wearing a Black dress with yellow nails, or give your white top a pop of color with neon pink.

Glossy pinks and reds definitely bring out your feminine side. It is recommended to match your nail color with your lip color. However, if you don't have an exact match, just pick a nail color that is closest to the color of your lipstick. Complementary colors also work best on lips and nails. You can pair a berry tint on your lips with pastel pink nails.

You can choose a sheer, opaque gray for work or you can have the ones with silvery tones to glam up your nails during a night out. This color is so versatile that you can definitely wear it anywhere.

Another color trend that never goes out of style is the neutral or nude color. Nude colors are practically such classic colors that it can be worn at any time, anywhere and at any location. These colors are especially great for weddings and other formal events. Colors can vary from very light pastel colors such as pinks and peaches to flesh tones and platinums. You can surely never go wrong with this!

blue nail polish
Dark Nail Polish
dark patent leather polish

edgy aubergine nail polish
gunmetal polish