Saturday, March 31, 2012

kuvittele kädet! / imagine hands!

Mökkipihan pensasraivauksessa löytyi viime kesän pesä. En lakkaa ihastelemasta tuota turkoosia. Mietin samalla miksi muna on rikki, mikä eläin pesällä kävi. Kun katson tuota kuvaa tulee heti mieleen kädet sen ympärille.

Komerosta löytyi vihreä huivi. Se sopii kivasti vihreisiin ranteenlämmittimiin. Halusin ottaa kuvan, jossa pitelen kuppia kädessäni lämppäreineni, mutta se ei onnistunut. Voit kuvitella kädet kuvaan.

I found this last years birdnest while cutting down a horrible bush in the summer cottage. 
That turquise of the egg is so wonderful. I´m thinking what animal did that, ate it. Maybe a mouse? 
Now the bush is gone and the birds will find a safer place for their nest. (The bush is, no, it was really horrible. No good for any birds to nest in. I`m sure the birds agree.) When i look at this picture, i start imagining hands holding it.

Green scarf goes nicely together with those green wristwarmers. I wanted to take a picture of me holding the cup in my warmers, but oh, i didn´t work out and now you just have to imagine the hands there.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

kukkahattu / flower hat

Näihin tulikin aika slaavilainen tunnelma. Sopii hyvin, koska hänellä on isänsä puolelta suorastaan kuninkaallisia esi-isiä idästä (kaukaa kaukaa kaaauuukaaa historian havinasta). Minun puoleltani sinisilmäisiä idealisteja, jotka menehtyivät siperiassa, torppareita, seppiä, saarnamiehiä ja jopa yksi saarnamiehen murhannut mustasukkainen aviomies.

Otettiin yli sata kuvaa. Meillä oli tosi hauskaa.

The athmosphare became quite slavic here after all. That´s just right, because she does have some royal slavic ancestors from her father´s side (far far faaaar away back in the history). From my side peasants and naive idealists, preachers and madmans.

We took over hundred pictures. And had fun.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

kevätpipoja / spring hats

Vanhat, epäsopivat, reikäiset ja kulahtaneet t-paidat muuttuivat mainioiksi kevätpipoiksi. Kissapipa oli lapsosen toivomus: eskarikaverilla on hieno karvakangasversio ulkokäyttöön. Hyvin toimii tämä kevyempikin versio.
Tuo kukkapipo ruusukkukeineen näyttää kertakaikkiaan ihastuttavalta neito S:n päässä. 20-luvun ja San Fransiscon kukkaiskansan ihastuttava sekoitus. Otan kuvan kunhan tuo sulotar ehtii vähän poseerata.
Liisun mielestä parhainta kuitenkin oli kissapehmolle ompelemani yöpuku, joka on melkein samanlainen kuin hänen oma oranssi raitahaalarinsa. Ihastun kuinka pienestä asiasta voikaan ihmistaimi ilahtua ja innostua.

Old, worn out, teared t-shirt became nice spring hats. Liisu wished for the cat hat: her preschool friend has a cool furry winter cathat. This t-shirt version is pretty swell too.
That flowery hat looks absolutely stunning on miss S. Like: 20´meet San Fransisco flower power in a most fairy kind of way. I´ll take a picture for you.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Wedding Collection

A bride always wishes to have a fabulous wedding dress, so that she can have all the fun and happiness.A bride can select her wedding gown according to Weather, Color, Fabric, Design etc. As now the Weather is changing choice for wedding dress simultaneously changes. A girl prefers Strapless gowns for  her spring wedding day, you may have various fabrics used in stitching your dress like satin, silk, chiffon, batiste, crepe, damask, faille, Georgette, illusion, jersey, organdy, organza, pique, Mikado,  shantung, taffeta, tulle, velvet, etc. Those bride having perfect bodice can choose any shape and design of  gown. When you choose the dress it is very necessary to have perfect make-up and jewelry.
white wedding gown
white gold wedding dress

 Amirra "Wing tips"
Messenger style bags with flap made from
deconstructed, recycled, vintage, men's
wing tip shoes
(available at ShuzyQ in Anchorage AK)

Sasha "Sport"
Sasha bag with addition of color on pockets
and flattened hand formed copper rings
11" x 7" x 4.5"

Monday, March 19, 2012

Diamond jewelry for ladies

Diamond Bangle Bracelet:

 Diamond Fashion Ring :

 Diamond Hoop Earring :

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Amirra Sandals"
The flap on this bag is made
from a pair of deconstructed
vintage sandals

13.5" x 13.5" x 4"

Diamond Jewelry for Women

Diamond jewelry are eternally beautiful and thus loved by all women. Diamond jewelry like rings, earrings, necklace, and bracelets are a true expression of love. They symbolize eternal, everlasting, timeless and unending love.

Diamond rings are available in various styles like- solitaires, single diamond, clusters of diamonds, eternity and semi eternity bands. These dazzling rings have a beauty and class of their own. Diamonds can also be paired with other stones to accentuate the sleakness of the ring.
yellow gold diamond ring
prong diamond ring

Earrings are a lovely fashion accessory that comes in various styles and designs. Women of all ages love to adorn themselves with this classical accessory. Girls always remain fashion conscious and look for something trendy and unique to enhance their looks. The charm and attraction of earrings are out of this world. An elegant pair of gold piece earrings are the easiest way to exude personal elegance. We offer an array of hoop, stud, and drop earrings with rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. In earlier days earrings had no contour; fortunately current day earrings are contoured and complimented with exceptional quality diamonds, gold, silver and gemstones. 

Necklaces are an enchanting accessory that add a level of sophistication and glamour to any occasion. Those looking for a classic look will enjoy any one of cross and heart diamonds necklaces. A wide range of designer diamond necklaces are available in various shapes, sizes and styles to win hearts of the brides to be. You can choose a necklace that goes perfectly well with the neckline of your wedding gown as well as other wedding accessories. These necklaces are very important to the beauty of the bride.

A diamond bracelet makes an excellent wedding gift. These come in classic and modern styles.


I simply don't know how to start writing this post because Rachelle is one of the most memorable bride's I've had ;-) She's beautiful and thoughtful!! I can write so many good things about this woman. The list goes on and on.. She's very kind.. understanding.. you can feel that she really respects me as her designer.. warm.. generous.. funny.. and someone you can share your feelings with. She's so adorable! ;-) She's a true friend! ;-)

Her wedding gown is a fusion of lines, textures, and volume. She's not a bride who fancy lace and ruffles.. In this kind of business, I've met a lot of different brides and sometimes I get really crazy talking to each of them because they think differently, and they have different personalities and preferences ;-) But it is FUN! ;-)

At the end of the day, my objective is to make them happy and satisfied ;-)

Photos by Jason and Joanne Arquiza Photography

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I've done several wedding gowns already and I get really excited every time a bride comes to me asking for something different and unique. I love challenges!! :-) haha..

Rita is definitely a unique bride. She has a very tight schedule because she works as a Flight Attendant ;-) Yup, she's sexy, beautiful, really gorgeous! I was so excited when I first met her at Coffee Bean in Greenbelt around 3:00 AM! haha.. yes! super late coz that's her only available time and she's flying in the morning ;-)

She wanted a gown that's sexy, elegant, modern and very feminine. I made her a contemporary wedding gown made of French lace with embroidery accents. I super love the sheer tulle skirt and low low low back ;-) haha ;-) I also made her a beaded fluffy tulle mini dress for the reception! :-)

Coordination & Event Styling by : Vivien Picart Villanueva of picART Flowers & Event Styling.

Shot with Shayla Sanchez & Bea Baretto of Imagine Nation Photography

Photos by: Arlene Briones. Check her blog ;-)