Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kate Middleton Dresses Fashion Collection

We all know her, Kate Middleton, the most famous and now, also the fashion trending mark of the public. After the grand wedding, Kate Middleton has become a household name. As a girl, we notice and follow the latest news of her fashion wearing style. As a fact, dresses worn by her, have now been very popular among the public, people follow her style, and respect her, also become a fan of her, like me...

Collection of our princess Kate's fashion dresses styles for girls who love her.

First, recover the memory of the famous wedding dress known by everyone, still luxury.

Angel Sanchez Wedding Dresses 2013

Angel Sanchez Spring wedding dresses 2013 has come already, after the Show, we can all get the maid words to describe this talent fashion designer bring us, wonderful, delicate, romantic, brilliant...whatever you can think of is not enough...

2013 Angel Sanchez bridal collection is following the line of romantic and classical which Angel Sanchez insists all the time. He wants to create an unique romantic wedding gown for his brides, and the fact is he has done it very well!

Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses 2013 Design

In previous post, I share the latest 2013 Vera Wang wedding dresses for you!

But, we all know clearly, that she does not only do well in wedding gowns design, also bridesmaid dresses for the maid of honors!

Wonder to know how elegant bridesmaid dresses design Vera Wang show us in 2013? See now!

More is coming soon...

A Wonderful Germany Wedding Dresses Online Shop

Guess what, I saw a Germany wedding at TV once a time, I did like the style of the bride's wedding dress, so simple, still noble, not complicated at all.

The bride is so beautiful, of course. But for me, a crazy fan of fashion wedding dresses, I noticed the wedding dress at the first I saw the TV.

Do not know too much about wedding dresses style in German, then, I Google around, get some online stores, then start to surf, Um, beautiful, elegant, wonderful, amazing... words like this come out of my mind, finally, I noticed one of these online stores, named "", "Brautkleider" means wedding dresses, this is a really nice wedding dresses online store, wedding gowns at this stores, both fashionable and classical, as if no matter what kind of wedding dress you want, you can get it at this shop. And the price for Germany is totally reasonable. I guess German brides will like it very much.

Let us see some wedding dresses from this shop, and if you like it, you may introduce it to your dear Germany friends, or brides-to-be, I think it will be nice. The Website is:

They are really beautiful, right?

Maxi dresses Collection

Famous Fashion Designer Maxi, you must know him, creative minds create fantastic dresses for us.

Maxi dresses outfits are the kind of arts you must appreciate!! Brilliant, no wonder so many super stars love his design dresses, you can often see beautiful actresses dressed in Maxi outfits to attend a activity.

With Maxi dresses, you just can become a hot sexy woman. You can not miss Maix dresses in summer, this  is the best season to show your charming!

 How beautiful and sexy these girls in Maxi dresses. Aha, I love summer!

Mini Maxi dresses, so cute and lovely!!

Maxi dresses are sooooooooo gorgeous, do you love it or not? I love!!

Evening Dresses From Elie Saab

Elie Saab is famous for his luxury design art style. Do like his wedding dresses, evening dresses from him amaze you as well. I am the one who is crazy for his design, he seems fall in love with beading element, most of his design evening gowns are beaded style, shining...which is just the same element he often uses on his wedding gowns.

I still remember the first time I saw his design, I was drunk in his brilliant art, then, searched for his design, almost every gown is perfect and made me crazy, haha, sounds a little over? Not at all! I bet that you will be one of his fans after seeing his design, but not Elie Saab wedding dresses today, here comes his evening dresses:

The next collection is my best love!!! Wish you love them too!

What do you think about Elie Saab's design?