Wednesday, May 30, 2012

O My Zara

Today, for the first time in a looooong time I went into the Zara expecting a lot of ugly clothing or just clothing that I don't see myself wearing. But it was like somekind of heaven, pastels, dip dye, lace, thick fabrics everywhere! What is this? What happened to Zara, the store I didn't like that much?! Let's just say I was amazed...;/span>

Let's take a look at my favourites! And I warn you, it is a long list, like... very long...

                            Dress, €69,95          

                            Dress, €79,95 

                            Dress, €69,95 

This dress fitted me like dream. The flowy, peachy fabric is just so girly and cute. Too bad I'm just a poor student, so no beautiful dress for me. (Not this time...)

                             Skirt, €49,95 

Also this skirt fitted great. It's just quite strange for me to buy something like this because I have nothing to wear with it... But there will come a day I will need a cool office look, hopefully they'll still make beautiful skirts like this.

                                                                  Skirt, €39,95

                                                                    Skirt, €49,95 

                            Top, €25,95   

                          T-shirt, €39,94

                          Trousers, €29,95  

                                                       Heeled sandals, €89,95

How cool are these heels? I mean, they are almost invisible! Only the price is not so cool...

                            Shirt, €39,95

Just when I wanted to take the last one that was hanging in the store, a girl took it. I was like 'Oh hell no' but the girl didn't even see me. A little bit sad about that because it was the only one in the store.

                                                            Sweater, €16,95

This is the only thing I bought, a beautiful mint coloured sweater. ( If I don't stop buying mint my whole summer wardrobe will be very minty.) The sweater is not only very cheap and simple, it also has a cut-out at the back.

                          Shopper, €129,95  

                           Collar, €19,95  

                            Scarf, €25,95

                            Belt, €16,95

I could go on and on but the list is long enough right now. What do you think of the spring/summer collection from Zara? A yes or a no?