Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Hate Story' Movie Heroine, Paoli Dam wishes for a nude painting after watching Titanic 3D

Paoli Dam - Hate Story

Actress Paoli Dam’s wishes seem bolder than her daring scenes in her films. Paoli recently watched Titanic 3D and was highly impressed with the scene where the hero Leonardo DiCaprio makes a nude sketch of Kate Winslet. Such is her affection for the famous scene that she now pines for a nude painting of herself, that too, to be painted by the late painter M F Hussain.

As one source every day, "Husain Saab had wanted to Paoli, so that he, as a paint sketch Leo Kate wearing only a precious stone in the shape of the heart and nothing else." It is clear that Paoli is not ashamed of their sexuality, which allows him shoot his first film in Bollywood history of hate.

Paoli Dam is a controversial name of the Bengali film. She has hot scenes in films. His last film Chatrak regional (mushrooms), launched in 2011, stirred a hornet's nest, for the intimate scenes with Paoli frontal nudity. When Vikram Bhatt in the film, I saw, he loved the conviction with which he has done such scenes.

The history of hate is willing to theaters on 20 April taken. Paoli Dam plays a journalist who is a victim of forced abortion and later a prostitute on a plan of revenge against the man who ruined his life. The trailer of the film is so explicit, this is not being televised