Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glen Check, you rock!

About a week ago I discovered a new Korean indie-electro band. I don't really think they fit in just one category, their sound is just very original. But when I heard them for the first time, they did remind me a bit of Two Door Cinema ClubMy sister likes to say that Glen Check is the (Korean) lovechild of Two Door Cinema Club and Friendly Fires. Well said sister, yot have an imagination that I would love to have too. But again about the band... The lyrics of their songs are NOT in Korean. The fist time I heard one of their songs I thought it was in Korean but no! They're in English and some in French! Many Korean bands and singers do sing in Korean so that's why it isn't always easy to understand. Let's just say, you don't understand a thing (,only if you speak Korean of course,) if you don't look up the translation of the lyrics of the songs. Well, that's not the case with the songs from Glen Check. The lyrics aren't even that important in their songs. What matters(, actually what I think that matters,) are the electro sounds they use and all the instruments. What I did notice was that they really like French and French things. The name of their (new) album is 'Haute Couture'. And some names of their songs are 'French Virgin Party - Bataille', 'Vogue Girls And Boys' and 'Au Revoir'. 
Very funny to hear a Canadian woman try to pronounce 'Bataille'. Yes, I did discover them because of a Canadian couple living in Korea. Maybe you know them, maybe you don't but they go by the name of Simon and Martina and they are incredibly funny. Their video's are about K-pop, living in Korea, Korean food,... Very interesting. 

Here are my favourite songs.

            French Virgin Party - Bataille (2 songs in 1)

                             Au Revoir

Don't you just want to dance in a club in Seoul right now? I do... A plane ticket from Brussels to Seoul is about €700... Let's start saving some money...