Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We can see numerous variety of wedding dresses available in the market therefore it becomes very easy to choose your type of dress. Different types of wedding dresses are :
A-line is the dress which form the shape of 'A'it looks really beautiful. If we talk about "MERMAID" dress, it is skin tight which presents your figure very well this type of dress suits on slim girls. Same way the "BALL" gown is wider from bottom and "EMPIRE WAIST DRESS" gives you a royal look. The most common fabric for these are Satin, Cotton and chiffon. Other material is also used that is according to the choice of brides what they prefer. Brides usually have two colors as their choice of gowns that is Red and White.


IVOIRE Range - Long Sleeve Tule Satin Gown With Corded Lace

IVOIRE Range - Long Sleeve Organza Gown with Silver Thread Lace

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Peter and Ces met via internet.
They liked each other. Fell in love. Got married. Happy couple.

Love is love. Period.

Photos: Jayjay Lucas
Video: Phoeben

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Various events are organized to watch out the talent of enthusiastic and beautiful celebrities. As here we have two smart celebrities :
1) Miss America : Nebraska Teresa Scanlan 2) Miss Canada : Denise Garrido

color choice of gown is very important, Scanlan chose white gown with full net sleeves, White is decent color and is all time favorite in celebrities dress choice. Along with gown she selected diamond jewelry which is eye catching. If we talk about Denise, Her choice regarding gown is really fantastic the hot and favorite red color gown. She is looking gorgeous in sleeveless red gown, she is wearing matching bracelet, earring and necklace.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wedding Suit

Brides wish that on her wedding day she should look most beautiful and for that she selects all the best available accessories and dress. She also expects that her partner is perfectly dressed. For man there are very few colors for wedding suit but they can have different pattern and latest trend in their suits. Black and white are the evergreen color for wedding suit, but you can go for match with the gown of your beloved, which will attract and look different.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Joana + JR

Subject: love letter to you =)

A month has passed since my special day. i've been meaning to send you official photos sooner (ayan naunahan mo pa ako magpost! haha) i do apologize veejay, ...it's the wedding hangover...haha.

You know i don't quite know how to thank you... these two words mean more to me than just appreciation... Appreciation for your work, your talent, your patience, trust, and your kindness...and it's just simply YOU. It's the whole package. THANK YOU.

A wedding gown is probably the single most awaited, most planned/OBSESSED about, most glamorous, NAKAKA SEXY-est!, heavygatness, most expensive gown, and most photographed in a girl's life and sadly though, a girl only wears it once in her life...So a designer/dress maker is very crucial to a girl's special day...because it's the one day where everyone's eyes is on the bride...I was soo right for trusting you wholeheartedly Veejay. THANK YOU.

On our last fitting, di ko pa alam ang outcome ng skirt ko, basta alam ko lang sabi mo madaming "madaming tulle, na gagawin mong bonggang bongga!" Honestly, i tried so hard not to obssess about it... I only saw my gown on the day of the wedding... I only caught a glimpse of it when your assistants brought it out for pictorial,it made my heart beat a little faster...but when i got the chance to fully appreciate it, you know, it literally took my breath away...It was more beautiful than i could have ever imagined it to be...Everyone complimented my gown and people kept asking who made my it, but the compliment i cared most about came from my groom. He couldn't stop saying how beautiful i was and how stunningly beautiful my gown looked. He said: "ang galing ni Veejay Floresca noh! ang ganda ng gown mo..." hearing that was pure bliss.

I Thank God that i came across such a wonderful, young, fun, talented and super bait na designer like you, and I, Thank you Veejay for making me such a beautiful bride and for making JR such a proud groom.. I know you'll come a long way, what with that heart and mind of yours, it's a sure thing. I also know that you'll stay grounded, no matter where the stars take you... THANK YOU Veejay from the bottom of my heart...

I miss you.

I'll see you soon =)

With lots of love & appreciation,

P.S if there was one thing i was sad about, it's that you weren't able to see me and how beautiful your gown was on me .... you would have been proud =)

Preps: Balai Taal
Ceremony: San Antonio de Padua
Reception: Balai Taal
Wedding gown and Groom's suit: Veejay Floresca
MUA: Jesy Alto // The Color Artistry
Video: John De Guzman // Cinemaworks
Photography: Toto Villaruel
Shot with Noel Salazar and Jill Manlangit for Imagine Nation Photography

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Dressed Celebrities

Few days back 83rd Academy Award function was held all the celebrities gathered there,this is the time of watching various celebrities in fashionable dresses, jewelry etc.Some of best dressed celebrities at this ceremony are:

1) Natalie Portman: She is the winner of Oscar Award for 'Black Swan'. Her off-shoulder gown was beautiful and she was looking gorgeous,Natalie wore dangling earrings.

2) Mila Kunis: This celebrity choosed light color for her gown, she was also noticed for her hairstyle. Mila selected diamond jewelry with her fabulous gown.

3) Sandra Bullock: Sandra's Strapless red gown attracted each and every person. She carried envelop clutch with her.natalie portman
mila kunis
sandra bullock