Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage Dresses - Have You Considered Vintage Dresses?

Author: Elle Jacobs

What attracts people most to vintage dresses is the fact that they want something different from the usual offerings on the high street.

When you think of vintage, it's easy to slip into the attitude that it will be a tacky piece passed down several generations with horrible lace, ruffles or flowers.

Vintage style dresses are far from this stereotype as evidenced by the classic fashion hitting the trends right now. Vintage styles from the previous decades are making a big comeback.

Never before has vintage style been so in - what's old is very much new!

A lot of people enjoy buying vintage clothing because it allows them to wear styles from decades that inspire them most. Some like the movie glamour of the 1930's, curvy styles from the 1950's to the groovy trends of the 1970's. This lets your individuality and personal style shine through rather than being confined to modern trends.

Vintage dresses seem to have that feminine floaty feel making you feel more womanly. They have a unique elegance and charm and are very distinct from modern factory mass produced dresses.

They are perfect for a formal evening occasion or an night out with friends. Styles range from glamorous vintage cocktail dresses to prom dresses to casual day dresses ....

Even vintage wedding dresses have gained popularity amongst brides as they look stunning on and add a touch of classic elegance to the wearer.

Real style never goes out of fashion; vintage clothing will always be timeless.

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