Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am an actual disgrace.

When I drink.

And when I'm a disgrace I talk complete shit.
Drop drinks.
Spill drinks.
Drink other peoples drinks,

And if I'm in my prime I'll pinch random things if they are just there for the taking.
Not peoples actual belongings... ( because my parents didn't bring me up to pick pocket)
But actual random useless items.

Once I stole a tea towel.
I also took a sign saying 'papers' from the 7/11 on King street.
One time I must of slipped a beer glass into my bag because the next day I found a random pint in my bag..

The other night I pinched a handful of safety pins from a party.
Although, these come in handy.
Its quite embarrassing now that I think about it.