Monday, January 3, 2011

Diamond Solitaire Engagements Rings

An Engagement ring is the symbol of the commitment of marriage. If you are looking for a simple look with an understated design solitaire rings are for you. They are the most traditional of the engagement rings. These are the rings having single stone mounted on them. The simplicity and the elegance of these rings have always been appreciated by women. Coming in various shapes and sizes and in a broad price range these are sure to catch eyeballs.
Diamond Solitaire Ring
Diamond Solitaire rings are the epitome of true love. These rings have diamond as a centerpiece fitted on a metal band. In spite of the fast changing fashion trends and varied types of engagement rings present in the market, diamond solitaire rings are still the most sought after. Previously designed in gold bands, diamonds these days are also set in platinum or silver.

You can also find this diamond set in various cuts like cushion, princess, marquise apart from the traditional round cut, providing you with alternates to choose from. And you can choose the cut that is aesthetically pleasing to your partner. These rings adds sparkling look to your personality on the day of a lifetime which makes them even more alluring. These rings can also being sought having coloured diamonds apart from the traditional colourless diamond. So as you go about preparing for the special day, choose the best of solitaire ring to make her feel “you care”.