Friday, June 17, 2011

Bridal Makeup

When you have taken important decision about selecting your wedding dress, then its the turn of choosing Jewelry, Hairstyle, Makeup etc. Because these are as important as your wedding gown. Hairstyle like 1) Open 2) Upsweep 3) Braided 4) Bun 5)Curled 6) French Twist 7) Beaded 8) Decorated with Flower. Brides face must be like a blossomed flower therefore proper face make up is also necessary. Very necessary part of makeup is the eye, as your eyes speaks through makeup the more attractive your eyes are in the same manner you are center of the occasion. Eye makeup includes various thing like you can put False-lashes, Mascara, Eye Liner, Eye-Shade, Highlighter.

eyesBeautiful smile of a Bride enlightens the surrounding and makes the Groom crazy. For such a smile you need beautiful lips and lips can be made attractive by lipstick shades. we can see a wide range of colors in lipstick shade. Now it is up to you what kind of shade and lips you want, if you wish to have a simple look Light shade can be used and if you want attractive look you can go for Dark shades.