Friday, February 25, 2011

Natalie Portman Gowns

The well known celebrities do not need any introduction. Natalie Portman fall in the same category of famous celebrities, these are some elegant gowns in which Natalie is looking gorgeous. Dark and Light colors both are in trend for gown, here we can see her in Lanvin gown, light Pink and Black gown. One shouldered strap gown seems very beautiful it is different from the regular gowns, Strapless gowns are always in fashion but the color combination in this gown is exotic because of red rose and the clutch is again of red color which is in contrast with gown. The black gown with beautiful neckline changes the personality, the choice of lipstick by Natalie is also very nice. According to occasion different hairstyle can made as done by this celebrity, which will make you as center of attraction.
lanvin gown
Natalie in golden globe award
black gown