Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ciara + Armand

The first time I saw Ciara and Armand, I already had a clear vision for them: "Modern Elegance."

I was very happy because they're just perfect for each other, a beautiful bride, and a handsome groom.

It was easy working with this lovely couple. They allowed me to do my job and just be creative. I asked them about their likes and dislikes.. but they just said "Bahala ka na, Veejay.."

And these were the exact words I told them: "Ok, sige. Ako ng bahala, just trust me! Basta dapat bongga and maganda!" I made a couple of sketches on-the-spot, and they chose their favorite designs. It was really a fun experience!

Ciara and Armand, thank you very much for trusting me! I miss both of you and I hope to see you soon! ;-)


Bride and Groom: Veejay Floresca
Photos by: Erron Ocampo