Sunday, October 2, 2011

For Fall: Ankle Boots

The autumn is here and it's time to change in to something more comfortable, which keeps your ankles warm: Ankle Boots ! I searched for ankle boots that are for non-superstars and for a good price. Here they are:

1. Windows on The World: Shoes Inspired By Carin Wester 50sc
2. Bonjour Bizou: Gilded Midnight Booties 70sc
3. Folk: Midnight Satin Ankle Boots 80sc
4. Wild Candy: Belted Ankle Boots 50sc 
5. Stardoll: Gilded Jurassic Booties  90sc
6. Bonjour Bizou: Gilded Marsh Boots 80sc
7. Decades: Sienna Moccasin Heels 80sc
8. Stardoll: Patent Short Bootie 87sc
9. Bonjour Bizou: Tri Buckle Ankle Boots 50sc
10. Tingeling: Maroon Patent Booties 78sc

Most of the boots are really cheap and I might buy my favorite one of those, which is number 8. 

And for the end, I have a little poll for you. The question :

Is it hot or not to keep socks shown with ankle boots?