Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winter is coming !

Yes, the winter is coming. Not yet, but very soon. So today I made my first outfit to this blog and it is winter themed. Most of the items are for non-superstars. 

Here is the whole outfit:

 And here are the pieces of this outfit:

1. OTTO: Zipper duffle 40sc
2. OTTO: Knitted Peacoat 7sc
3. Bonjour Bizou: Wool Scarf 4sc
4. Bonjour Bizou: Pink Typewriter Leggings 115sc
5. Stardoll: Mukluk Boots 12sc
6. Fallen Angel: Tube Top 4sc
7. Unknow: Cropped Denim Bustier 56sc
8. Pretty n' Love: Shorts 4sc
9. Evil Panda: Biker Jacket 6sd

You can do the outfit without the leather jacket too. Some of the items are old and from starbazaar, but this outfit is made for some inspiration to all you stardollers out there. 

Have a fun time trying new winter-outfits !