Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is Sunny Leone cashing in on her newfound stardom?

The porn star is not on their main task of a successful career in Bollywood. It is actually what most of his first meeting with the chamber in which everything is seen with clothes on

Sunny Leone has become a household name through his stay in Bigg Boss 5 and the first to complete their "talents" that Bhatt had been signed that have to do after enjoying Jism. There was much speculation about his being accepted as a Bollywood actor, and when they will play Bhatt's' break. A source from the industry said on condition of anonymity, said: "Why would anyone watch a movie, this is not the kind of thing is best known for"

Then there were rumors about Sunny, give up their jobs because of the primary managed to find a break in Bollywood. Some felt that the Bhatt's playing down his "porn star" image, but they do just the opposite. . In one of his interactions with the media in recent years, asked if I ever leave the porn industry for good. Sunny replied intelligent that he wants that, if hired Bollywood managed to keep forever.

I guess it is absolutely safe even before his departure from Bollywood. Wethinks is a smart move on their part, need to keep their options open, right?